Are Uv Air Purifiers Quiet When They're On

Are UV Air Purifiers Quiet?

There are many air purifiers on the market, but you may be looking for an air purifier that is quiet. There are new technologies available to us in the form of UV light air purifiers. In that instance, you may be looking for a UV light that is quiet. Are UV air purifiers quiet? There are many factors when looking for a quiet UV air purifier, but one thing you have to look for is the decibel amount. The decibel amounts are what tell you if a UV light air purifier is quiet or not.

An air purifier is a great way to clean the air in your home. Depending on the size of your home, you may need a bigger air purifier. It is a great investment either way. There are many particles in the air that can cause a lot of problems for your health, whether through breathing it in or just having it around you. Bacteria can cause a lot of gross odors in your home, so it’s a good idea to invest in something that can keep your health up. There are many things to know about a UV air purifier.

What is a decibel?

Whenever you’re looking for any sort of machine, you may want to look for the sound rating. The volume of noise that it makes is measured in decibels. A decibel is the unit used in which to measure the intensity of a sound or the power level of an electrical signal by comparing it with a given level on a logarithmic scale.

Think about when you’re looking at those bars on a display when you hear music. Those bouncing lines are the decibel amounts that you can see. There’s a lot more science to it than that, but basically: the lower the decibel, the quieter the thing will be. Here are some examples of decibel levels:

  • 90 dB would be that of an aircraft taking off about a mile away or a motorcycle going down the street.
  • 60 dB would be something like a restaurant with people talking or background music in an office or elevator.
  • 40 dB would be something like birds chirping or what you would hear in a library.
  • 20-30 dB would be someone whispering or a soft breeze going through trees.
  • 10 dB would be simple breathing to where you can barely hear it.

When you’re looking for an air purifier, there are many things to look for when it comes to sizes and filter types. The decibel measurement isn’t always on the descriptions, but many people who have purchased it before will be able to tell you how loud or soft it is. If you’re unsure of a certain product, you can always ask around on the seller’s website or contact the manufacturer.

Is a quiet UV air purifier less powerful?

There is no real answer to this other than what the manufacturer makes. There are many different types out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is less powerful if it is quieter. Some brands are a lot better in all areas rather than just a few, but you will have to consider all your options. Many UV air purifiers come with more than just a UV light in it, so you could be looking at a HEPA filter or an activated carbon filter inside.

The loudness of the air being pulled in could sound like a small breeze or a loud vacuum. If the volume is a big factor, the previous customers will let you know if a certain brand is unbearable. Regardless, if it’s highly-rated, it will likely have a quieter engine. However, you should know if your UV air purifier is safe, too. Keep an eye out on decibel measurements and you’ll find yourself with a quiet, powerful air purifier.


While shopping for an air purifier, as said above, many things should be taken into consideration. The first thing you should look for is what type of air filter you want. If you want to try a reliable air filter, get one with a UV light in it. They are usually combined with HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. You can be sure to have a quality air purifier with either of these things in them, but some even come with both.

Looking for one can be troublesome, but many manufacturers put the decibel measurement on the product descriptions. Decibels are the measurement of how loud something is. The higher the number, the more sound it makes. If you want a quiet UV light air purifier, look for one with a low decibel measurement. However, it is a good idea to look for ones that are highly rated.