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Mold Remediation

Orlando Mold Remediation, Removal And Testing Service

Any business or home can easily become infested with mold here in the central Florida region. Extreme humidity combined with a plumbing or roof leak, and mold can quickly spread in as little as 48 hours. The irritants and allergens produced by the mold can cause serious health risks to anyone who is exposed to the toxic air.

If you think your business or home may have a problem with mold, call in the Damage Control 911 of Orlando professionals to inspect and assess the property. If any trace of mold is found, this team has the extensive training, advanced equipment, and expertise to restore the location to a safe environment.

If there is an issue with mold on the property, unless you have a skilled team like the experts at Damage Control 911 of Orlando identify the source of the problem, this will become an ongoing battle that gets significantly worse before it gets better.

Our entire team utilizes only the most advanced mold detection equipment including moisture level meters, laser thermometers, and borescopes to scan the interior of walls and ceilings. If there is any trace of mold spores hiding in your home or business, our mold removal specialists will be able to locate the trouble.

If you have already located mold growing, our team will test to see how far the problem has spread.

The reason it is so important that you call for help as soon as possible is because mold can cause serious respiratory system health issues.

Those itchy eyes, scratchy throats, and difficulty breathing issues may not be related to allergies like you may have thought, it could be an extreme sensitivity to the presence of mold at your location. Once our team is on the job, we will locate, test, and then carefully remove the mold and restore the area to its original condition.

Our team has over fifteen years experience in handling even the largest mold removal projects, and we will work thoroughly to ensure that your residence is safe again.

Mold is Present! How Can We Help?

The mold inspection process is the most important step for uncovering the underlying issue. Many mold removal companies will simply do an interior test and if nothing if found they simply sign-off on the job. At Damage Control 911 of Orlando, this is an extremely complex process that we take very seriously.

First we test every interior surface we can access, and even if there is no signs of mold present, we take things to the next level. Our team then utilizes testing kits that will sample the air quality in key locations throughout the residence.

These kits will trap any airborne mold-spores so we can analyze them and prepare a mold remediation plan customized for your situation.

Even after the extensive indoor air quality testing, we then take things outside to get baseline readings of the property. If we can identify unusually high concentrations of mold near the perimeter of the house or business, the mold will invariable make it inside.

Even after these baselines readings, we still continue to go that extra mile to ensure we have located every trace of mold. The team can make use of carpet cassettes to test the flooring, swaps and scrapings to send to a lab for analysis, and several other techniques that will uncover any underlying issues.

Why Do We Go So Far To Find Traces of Mold?

Understanding the types of mold is crucial in protecting you and your family from severe health risks. We will also have all the information we need to begin mold remediation. Orlando, FL is in a humid climate and you can’t take risks down here!

I Think We Have Mold! I Have Questions First!

If you even suspect mold may be an issue, we are certainly here to help. The sooner that you have our team of specialists test, identify, and remove the infected areas, the sooner you can relax knowing the air you breathe is safe once again.

Unlike water damage that you can visibly see, most mold hides behind the walls and above the ceiling just out of reach. For that reason, you will certainly have your share of questions and concerns long before a specialist arrives to diagnose the issue.

We have developed a unique formula for answering all your questions and getting to work on inspecting for mold at the same time.

We start by sending out the mold inspection team to your location to begin the painstaking process of searching for trace signs of dangerous mold spores.

Although each member of the team can and will address your concerns while on site, we have compiled here on our website a comprehensive list of the most common questions that we have gotten over the last fifteen years in helping restore homes and businesses that have been affected by mold.

These questions and answers should give you a better understanding about what you are dealing with today, what needs to be done to remedy the situation, and exactly how Damage Control 911 of Orlando will get the job done successfully.

Can’t I Just Wipe the Mold Away?

No, absolutely not.

If you have discovered any signs of mold in the house or business, you need a professional mold removal team to properly handle the contaminated surfaces.

The team at Damage Control 911 will safely and effectively cleanup the affected areas without causing further complications. This is not a do-it-yourself project because if you remove the mold incorrectly, it can and will become airborne and simply remain behind after you think the issue is taken care of.

Once the mold is airborne, the concentration is one thousand times higher than had it been left undisturbed. Even though you think you removed everything you can see, it is what you can’t see that is spreading quickly.

Our team will locate, treat, and properly discard any surfaces contaminated with the mold.

How Is Your Mold Removal Company Different?

At Damage Control 911, we utilize a very complex process to fix the root of the problem the first time. Unlike companies that do a quick cleaning and are gone, here is how we separate ourselves from the other mold removal companies in Orlando. Mold remediation is serious business and we don’t play around with it.

First, we locate the source of the mold problem at the root and fix it. Whether leaking pipes, dripping roof, or dirty air ducts, the underlying issue is addressed first.

We then contain the areas so mold can not spread in the air while we begin the cleanup process. If an area is too overgrown for cleaning, we will safely discard the area.

Our team bags and carefully disposes of any mold spores uncovered. Then we will thoroughly disinfect the remaining surfaces that will eradicate any mold spores left behind.

The team must dry the surfaces to ensure no trace of moisture remains, and finally we restore any areas that were discarded. This stringent mold remediation process has allowed us to deliver superior results time and time again.

What Exactly is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that is very common in the central Florida region due to higher than average levels of humidity and excessive rain events. The mold will thrive in a warm and damp environment, and those microscopic spores will travel through the air and attach themselves to flooring, drywall, carpet padding, and insulation.

Once the mold has taken hold, it will multiply quickly depending on a water source and high humidity levels. The mold will multiply in locations near leaking pipes, poorly ventilated bathrooms, or in walls that were exposed to flooding. The mold will easily grow on any porous surface where damp air is present. Although mold grows best in temperatures over 60 degrees, it is not uncommon in this area to see the mold spread even as temperatures get much colder.

Not only will mold destroy the structural integrity of the location, it has a deadly effect on humans.

How Does the Mold Affect People?

Some people are extremely sensitive to the mold spores and will exhibit the signs of an allergy attack in response to breathing in the mold spores. The most common symptoms of a sensitivity to the mold is eye irritation, skin irritation, wheezing, nasal stuffiness, and even fevers or shortness of breath.

According to studies that were released by the Institute of Medicine, even mild exposure to mold can result in upper respiratory tract complications in healthy people. Healthy children can develop serious respiratory illnesses that could lead to the development of asthma. These are serious health issues that can be complicated by extensive exposure to the mold spores.

What Does Mold Remediation Mean?

Mold remediation is a technical term for mold removal, or the cleaning process by which the mold is removed and the remaining surfaces cleaned and disinfected. These methods of mediation vary from residence to business, and at Damage Control 911, we send out a qualified team to identify the specific cause of your mold infestation so we can properly put together a mediation plan that will effectively rid the location of every trace of the mold.

Once you call our team of professionals to address your concerns, we will create a customized mold inspection and then cleanup process that will treat any and all contaminated areas.

We make use of HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) vacuums that will remove the final traces of mold to capture even the most microscopic particles remaining.

Can I Just Use Bleach to Kill the Mold?

This is a very common practice for killing mold that actually is ineffective at addressing the problem. There is a common misconception that by applying bleach to a surface infected with mold, that the mold will be destroyed and problem solved.

The issue never goes away, as the mold continues to come back after each treatment of the bleach. The reason being is that bleach is ineffective at killing mold because it actually is facilitating the growth of the bacteria.

When a surface is cleaned with bleach, the microscopic chlorine molecules remain behind and kill only a small fraction of he mold, the water in the bleach sinks into that surface and promotes future mold growth.

The only way to kill the mold at the source is calling in a professional mold specialist.

Why Should I Schedule a Mold Inspection?

The mold inspection is the most critical part of the entire process. If you simply identify a location that is infected with mold and call to have it treated, unless the source and surrounding areas are checked, the mold will continue to thrive and return in a very short time.

During the mold inspection, a Damage Control 911 manager will inspect, sample, and then test the air in the location for the presence of mold. We have several detection techniques we utilize to make absolutely certain that there is no traces of mold hiding in areas difficult to access.

Our team will search for the four most common types of mold in this region of Florida, from cladosporium, penicillium, alternaria, to aspergillus. Each mold type requires a unique cleaning and removal process.

The sooner you have the inspection done, the sooner you can rest assured knowing everyone can safely breathe the air without concern of developing a serious respiratory illness.

What Can I Expect During a Mold Inspection?

Once you call our friendly team members at Damage Control 911, we will coordinate a time convenient to perform the mold inspection. Our team will first look for signs of the mold growth and try to locate the source of the moisture or water issue.

This includes carefully searching and inspecting walls, baseboards, vents, even the ducts of your HVAC system. The majority of deadly mold will be just out of sight, so our team will make use of high-tech equipment that will make the invisible easy to see.

Our team will climb into attic, crawlspace, anywhere that moisture can be accumulating and contributing to the spread of the mold. Without water, there can not be mold, so once we determine the source of the moisture we can begin the next phase which is the mold remediation.

The reason we work tirelessly to find that water source is unless it is addressed, the mold will simply return.

We Are Here 24/7 365 Days a Year to Help

Hopefully by now you are convinced that Damage Control 911 of Orlando are mold inspection, testing, and remediation experts that you can trust. As focused as we are about locating and removing mold at the source, we will always put superior customer service at the top of our to-do list.

Our ultimate goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and we are working constantly to provide homeowners and business owners of central Florida the highest possible level of service in this very competitive industry. We pride ourselves on offering the fastest response times when it comes to mold related issues, and we use our fifteen years experience to focus on the emotional needs of each of our customers.

Mold in your home can be a very traumatic experience, and we are here to assure you that your concerns are our concerns, and we will not leave your side until every trace of the deadly mold has been effectively destroyed and removed.

Although we are highly rated with our local BBB and our certified technicians are all IICRC compliant, we are most proud of our growing family of loyal customers who turn to use when they have issues with mold.

Don’t let just any company handle the safety of your business, your home, and your family, go with a trusted company with years experience in providing exceptional customer service before, during, and long after the mold removal process has been completed. We welcome you to our family and hope to earn your business long-term.

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