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When water damage affects your home, it can be overwhelming and distressing. Not only does it disturb your everyday life, but it can also cause extensive damage to your house and belongings. Damage Control 911 is available to assist in these residential water damage scenarios.

What To Do About Water Damage

When water damage strikes your residential property, it's a situation that demands immediate attention to avoid long-term damage and health risks such as mold growth. Here's a practical guide to manage residential water damage effectively:
  1. Stop Water at Its Source: First and foremost, identify and stop the water source. This might involve turning off the home's main water supply. Prompt action is essential to prevent more extensive damage.
  2. Ensure Electrical Safety: If water is near any electrical systems, immediately shut off the power at your home's main breaker. This step is crucial for safety, as water and electricity are a dangerous combination.
  3. Document the Damage: Before starting the cleanup, thoroughly document the damage. Take clear photos and videos of all affected areas, including damaged personal items and home fixtures. This documentation is vital for insurance claims.
  4. Begin Water Removal: Act quickly to remove the water. This might include using wet-dry vacuums, mops, or engaging professional water removal services. Prompt removal is essential to mitigate the risk of mold growth and additional damage.
  5. Salvage Personal Belongings: Safely move important items like documents, electronics, and valuables to a dry area. If some belongings are wet, dry them in a well-ventilated space to minimize damage.
  6. Seek Professional Help: Contact professionals specializing in water damage restoration and plumbing. They can accurately assess the damage, fix the root cause, and guide you through the restoration process.
  7. Notify Your Insurance Company: Inform your insurance provider about the incident. Provide them with the damage documentation and follow their guidance on the claims process.
  8. Dry and Dehumidify: Ensure the affected area is completely dried out to prevent mold growth. Use fans, dehumidifiers, and consider professional drying services if necessary.
  9. Monitor for Mold: In the following weeks, keep an eye out for any signs of mold in the impacted areas. Prompt drying and regular inspection are key to preventing mold.
  10. Repair and Renovate: After addressing the immediate damage, focus on the repair and restoration of your home. This might include structural repairs, replacing water-damaged materials, and repainting. Professional restoration services can be invaluable in returning your home to its pre-damage condition.

Dealing with residential water damage requires swift and effective action to minimize its impact and prevent ongoing problems like mold or structural issues.

20+ Years of Residential Water Damage Experience in Florida

Prompt Response

Recognizing the urgency of residential water damage, we provide round-the-clock emergency services. This ensures that we can begin the restoration of your home without delay.

Skilled Experts

Our team, with extensive experience in residential water damage restoration, is equipped to manage various water damage scenarios. We utilize our expertise and advanced tools to efficiently restore your home.

Advanced Technology

We employ the most current technology and equipment in our restoration efforts, aiming to return your home to its condition before the damage.

All-Inclusive Services

Our residential water damage restoration services cover all aspects needed for a complete recovery. From removing water to preventing mold, we handle it all, saving you the hassle of coordinating with multiple contractors. Full details of our services are available here.

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As an esteemed provider specializing in water damage restoration, particularly adept at fixing burst pipes, our team stands out with a prestigious certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC), emphasizing our expertise in mold remediation, especially in Florida.

This certification underlines our proficiency in handling a variety of issues related to burst pipes, ranging from immediate repairs to proactive mold prevention strategies.

Holding a certification from the IICRC, a globally recognized standard in the cleaning and restoration field, reflects our dedication to providing outstanding service that adheres to the highest industry norms.

We take pride in our excellent rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction, adherence to ethical standards, and professional integrity. Earning your trust is our top priority, and we strive to offer services that not only meet but surpass your expectations.

Understanding Residential Water Damage Services

At Damage Control 911, we offer comprehensive residential water damage restoration services for homeowners in Orlando, FL. Our team of experienced professionals is armed with advanced tools and technology, allowing them to quickly assess and address water damage in homes. We focus on providing effective and prompt solutions to mitigate damage and restore your living space to its pre-damage condition.

Why They're Important

Maintaining Home Safety and Comfort

Water damage in a residential property can disrupt the safety and comfort of a home, leading to stress and inconvenience for its inhabitants. Quick response from water damage professionals is vital to restore normalcy, allowing residents to resume their daily lives with minimal disruption.

Safeguarding Personal Belongings and Property Value

Homes often contain cherished personal belongings and are significant investments in themselves. Prompt and professional water damage services can prevent irreversible harm to these items and help maintain the property's market value.

Reducing Health Risks

Water damage in a home can pose various health risks, including mold growth and structural hazards. Professional remediation is essential to address these risks, ensuring a safe and healthy living environment.

Ensuring Insurance Policy Compliance

Most homeowners have insurance policies that cover water damage, often requiring timely reporting and professional mitigation. Adhering to these requirements is crucial for successful insurance claims, preventing homeowners from bearing the financial burden alone.

Preserving Home Integrity

A home that suffers water damage but is quickly and professionally restored is more likely to retain its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal, which is important for homeowner satisfaction and property value.

Minimizing Future Repair Costs

Ignoring water damage can lead to long-term, costly repairs, including structural issues and mold infestations. Early intervention with professional services can significantly reduce future repair expenses.

Avoiding Extended Displacement

Severe water damage might necessitate temporary relocation for extensive repairs. Prompt engagement of professional services can accelerate the remediation process, shortening the period of displacement for residents.

Complying with Health and Safety Standards

Residential properties must be safe and habitable. Ignoring water damage can lead to violations of health and safety standards, potentially resulting in legal and financial repercussions.

Facilitating Insurance Claims

Professional water damage services provide detailed documentation of the damage and remediation efforts. This documentation is crucial for insurance claims, helping homeowners to secure the full benefits of their insurance coverage.

What Processes Occur?

Water Extraction

We use powerful pumps and vacuums to remove all standing water from your property. Our team will then dry out the affected areas to prevent further damage.


High levels of humidity can cause further damage to your property and create an ideal environment for mold growth. We use commercial dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air and prevent mold growth.


Our team will repair any damage to your property, including walls, floors, and ceilings. We will also restore any damaged furniture and personal belongings, ensuring that your home is back to its pre-damaged condition as soon as possible.


Mold Remediation

If water damage has caused mold growth in your home, our team can provide expert mold abatement services. We will remove all traces of mold and prevent it from returning.

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What to Know About Residential Water damage Services

Residential Water Damage services provide expert help in addressing and fixing water-related problems in homes. These services tackle issues like burst pipes, flooding, leaks, and water damage, ensuring quick and efficient damage management, restoration, and prevention of additional structural and property damage in residential environments.

When To Hire A Professional

In residential settings, addressing water damage requires careful consideration, especially when deciding whether to handle the problem yourself or call in a professional.

Minor water issues, like a small leak or a brief pipe burst, can often be managed with DIY methods. However, there are several instances where involving a professional is not just beneficial but essential.
Consider hiring a professional for your home’s water damage when you encounter these scenarios:

Rapid Water Escalation

If water is quickly spreading, affecting floors, walls, or personal belongings, a professional can effectively control the spread, preventing further damage.

Uncertain Damage Extent

When it’s challenging to gauge the full scope of the damage, professionals have the necessary tools and expertise to conduct a thorough assessment. Their evaluation informs proper remediation strategies.

Water Near Electrical Systems

The proximity of water to electrical components poses a significant electrocution hazard. Professionals are trained to handle these dangerous situations safely, ensuring effective and secure resolution.

Structural Integrity Concerns

If there’s a risk of structural damage to your home, professionals can ensure the building remains safe during repair works, protecting its inhabitants.

Signs of Mold Growth

Persistent moisture can lead to mold, which poses health risks. Professionals can safely eradicate mold and take steps to prevent its return, safeguarding your health.

Contaminated Water (Category 2 or 3)

Water from sewage or other contaminated sources poses serious health hazards. Professionals, equipped with suitable protective gear, can handle and clean up such water safely and effectively.

If you’re missing the necessary tools, equipment, or know-how to adequately address the source of the damage and manage its aftermath, professionals can save time, avert expensive errors, and ensure the work is done proficiently.

In these situations, the expertise, tools, and experience of a professional can be invaluable in effectively managing residential water damage, ensuring safety, and preventing further issues.

What Does It Entail?

Residential Water Damage Services involve a detailed process to restore home safety and structure. First, the source of the water damage, such as a leak or burst pipe, is fixed.
Complete water extraction addresses both visible and concealed moisture. Advanced equipment is used for effective drying, in line with environmental standards.
Restoration involves evaluating home materials: non-porous surfaces are cleaned, semi-porous ones are checked for stability, and porous items like carpets may need replacement.
Cleaning techniques are gentle to prevent mold proliferation.
The primary aim is to achieve a dry, clean, and secure home environment, eliminating water damage concerns such as mold and structural weaknesses, ensuring the safety of residents.
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