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Taking immediate action is absolutely critical when dealing with water damage. We have a great team of Orlando Emergency Restoration Service Experts at Damage Control 911 that will respond immediately to your call and arrive in a timely manner to utilize advanced techniques and equipment to remove the water as quickly as possible. The team will closely monitor and then document the drying process to verify the surrounding areas are dried both properly and thoroughly.

Water damage emergencies can quickly destroy your business or home if you do not have the right water damage restoration company on site to repair, restore, and then clean-up all the damage. Our team of dedicated professionals specialize in the removal of water, and are standing by 24/7 to help. Our team of water damage emergency experts will be on the scene quickly to help with water damage from appliance breakage, broken pipes, flood waters, and anything else that caused water to flood your location.

The reason that you need to act quickly when it comes to water damage is because every hour that passes, the water damage is getting significantly worse. The water removal and extraction process needs to begin as soon as possible to avoid long-term damage to the residence. The water must be professionally extracted from the surrounding areas, then properly dried, and finally disposed of. Our team has years experience in handling even the largest flood damage concerns, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that your home is returned to the condition before the damage occurred.

Flooded? Now What Do I Do?

Every minute that you contemplate your next move, water is seeping into areas that could cause serious health risks in as little as 48 hours. At Damage Control 911 of Orlando, we understand emergency flood damage requires unique skills to get the job done correctly. All of our team members have been certified and trained to the highest of standards in this competitive industry. The minute that you see water, call one of our friendly team members today to rush to your location and mitigate the loss and provide you professional, compassionate, and reliable service.

We understand at this moment you might feel overwhelmed and helpless, this can be an extremely devastating setback for both business owners and families alike. The goal here is to give you back that sense of security with the absolute least amount of disruption to your day-to-day life. The restoration and recovery process that we utilize is aimed at people first, then your property. Once you call our team to help with your water damage concerns, we get to work at exceeding all of your expectations. We understand time is absolutely critical here, so we are working around the clock to answer your call when it comes in and get to your location to begin work day or night.

When we arrive at the scene, we get to work quickly to identify the extent of the water damage that is obvious and that is unseen. We utilize sensors that can detect the moisture content so that we know exactly where to begin work. We understand how you may feel both helpless and overwhelmed at this time, we help to alleviate those feelings by keeping you informed every step of the way by explaining to you what we discovered, how we plan to fix it, and how soon you can expect things to return to normal.

I Need Help! I Have Many Questions!

This is absolutely normal and we have helped our customers to get through this many times. The key here is timing, so you have water damage, you called Damage Control 911 of Orlando, and now we are on the way. We want to repair the damage quickly and answer all your concerns at the same time. Once we arrive on site to begin the water removal process, one of our team members can help address any questions or concerns you have while the rest of the team is hard at work fixing the problem. We only utilize state-of-the-art equipment for dehumidifying, drying, disinfecting, and deodorizing, and we do this with minimal disruption so your business or family can get things back to normal again.

In the many years that we have professionally provided local residents and business owners with water restoration services, we have compiled a list of many questions that seem to be the top concerns when it comes to the water removal process and how everything plays out. We will gladly answer any questions, but for your convenience while you are waiting for our team to get to your location, we have created a list of the most popular questions about water damage and the restoration process that should help educate you on this complicated process.

Exactly How Does Water Damage Restoration in Orlando Work?

The water restoration process consists of two separate phases. During the first phase, our team arrives as quickly as possible to the location to begin removing any standing water from all the flooring, carpeting, and other affected areas. As soon as all the water has been carefully removed, we begin drying the floors, walls, furnishings, anything water came in contact with. We utilize large driers and humidifiers to quickly stop the spread of any moisture from damaging your walls and floors. Depending on the amount of water, the drying process will be the longest, we need to make certain water in every space has been completely dried or problems will arise in the future with mold growth. Once we feel the entire location is completely dry, our team will use thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters to make certain every trace of moisture has been completely removed. The water damage restoration process may include some of the following if applicable: carpet cleaning, drywall removal, odor control, air duct cleaning, wood floor repair, and mold removal.

My Home Is Completely Flooded! Do I Call The Insurance Company First?

This is one of the most common questions we receive when it comes to the water restoration process. Water damage can strike at any time of the night, and if you wait for the insurance company claims department to open, you risk causing serious damage to the property structure. The short answer is your insurance company prefers that you call Damage Control 911 of Orlando to begin the clean-up process first. The sooner that our team can get to your location, access the damage, and begin the complicated restoration process, the more damage and costs we can prevent in the end. The more damage we can prevent, the lower the eventual restoration costs will be and the less likely your home or business will suffer further damage. This all means less damages the insurance company will have to pay for, so they most certainly want you on the phone to Damage Control 911 of Orlando as quickly as possible. You will still need to call the insurance company to file your claim, you can do that however while our team is already on site working to limit the water damage.

What Will It Cost To Fix All The Water Damage?

The total cost to fix all the damage from the water depends on two things, the time needed to completely restore the location and the size of that flooded area. If your insurance policy does cover water damage restoration, you will be responsible to pay for your insurance deductible in Orlando. Water damage will move very quickly throughout the home or business and could be quite destructive in the end. At Damage Control 911 of Orlando, we arrive quickly with the right equipment to limit further damage that could result in the growth of mold or structural damage. Our team works around the clock, so when we arrive to begin the restoration process, every minute we are at your location means less chances of the damage getting worse, costing more money in the end. Remember, the longer you wait to call for help, the more man-hours will be required in the end to stop and repair damage caused by the water.

How Long Before Water Damage Causes Mold?

The mold will thrive in a moist environment, and even though the water may have receded in one room, it still may be present in the sheet-rock where you can not see. The room might appear dry, but that moisture trapped in the walls will begin to spread rapidly in as little as 24-48 hours. Our team utilizes the most high-tech equipment to check for moisture in the walls where your eyes can not see. These non-evasive tools allow us to thoroughly inspect any areas that came in contact with the water to make certain they are perfectly dry and will not pose any threat in the future with the growth of mold. Picking up the phone and calling Damage Control 911 of Orlando immediately will ensure we are able to inspect and repair those areas long before the mold has a chance to spread.

How Long Will The Restoration Process Take?

Again, the sooner you call for help, the less time will be required to make any water damage repairs. That being said, the clean-up process usually consists of two different phases. During the first phase, our team will mitigate the damage, dry and clean the structures and your belongings, or even demolish areas beyond repair. Next is the repair phase, and this can consist of repairing walls, fixing wood floors, professionally cleaning carpeting, replacing cabinets, basically bringing the location back to its former self. The entire clean-up and repair process can range from a few days to a few weeks, basically depending on how much water damage was involved. During the clean-up process you will be in contact with a Damage Control 911 of Orlando project manager who will answer all your questions, keep you abreast of the work, and even help you with questions or concerns involving your insurance company. Our goal of course is to get the location back to normal as quickly and as professionally as possible.

Is All Water Damage Basically The Same?

This is one of those questions that you might not even consider as you see water rising and your belongings beginning to submerge. In fact there are three different types of water that could damage your property, and at Damage Control 911 of Orlando, we are certified and trained to handle them all. Here is a simple breakdown of the water categories that could flood your home and the effects on people who come in contact with it.

1. The Clean Water – The clean water flooding does not pose any immediate threat to people. This type of water damage is usually a result of a bathtub or sink overflowing, or an appliance like the washing machine or the hot water heater malfunctioning. The water heater hold several dozen gallons of water that can instantly fill a room and begin seeping through the floors if installed on a second floor.

2. The Gray Water – The gray water can harm people and has the potential to cause illness. This type of water damage results from water that is contaminated and flowing through your home or office. The water can be biologically, physically, or chemically contaminated.

3. The Black Water – The most dangerous of all the water types because it can cause serious illnesses to people. The black water is unsanitary and it will contain pathogens that come from other contaminated sources. The black water can come from a sewage backup, contaminated ground water, or a rise in sea waters.

What Are The Most Common Causes of Water Damage?

The top three types of water damage we find in this region of Florida are malfunctioning appliances, bursting and leaking pipes, and flood damage from severe storms and hurricanes. A home might experience only wind damage from one storm, but then because the roof has leaks or the gutters are damaged, the next rain event causes roof leaks that can easily allow water to cause damage throughout the location. Even a damaged downspout can send an abundance of rain water into a crawl space or basement instead of away from the foundation, and the result is a serious flood during a sustained rain event.

Can We Trust Damage Control 911 of Orlando?

By now you should have already called in the professionals at Damage Control 911 in Orlando. Water damage restoration doesn't have to be hard to deal with when you call professionals.  After reading our list of common questions, you should be more familiar with the cause and the clean-up process, however we are always available if you have any questions or concerns not addressed on our website. Our team of water restoration experts are committed to providing you superior customer service and we strive to always provide the fastest response times in our industry.

We bring over 15 years of experience to every job, we offer 24/7 365 day emergency service, are certified in all remediation and restoration processes, and are IICRC certified and a proud member of our local BBB.

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