Where To Buy Black Mold Test Kits For Home Use

The simplest form of life on our planet is mold, and it responsible for decomposing decaying matter while returning vital nutrients back to the ecosystem. But as much good as mold does for the planet, it can lead to significant diseases in both animals and humans.

Black mold in your home is extremely dangerous because it can go undetected for significant amounts of time, leading to serious neurological, respiratory, and circulatory problems. The best way to identify mold in the home is by way of mold testing kits.

Due to the large amount of testing kits on the market, consumers can quickly get overwhelmed and lose out on finding the most effective kit for their problem. Before we discuss the difference in kit quality and where to buy them, we first need to discuss the rating criteria used to identify the differences in each kit.

Healthful Home Mold Test Kit

This is one of the highest rated kits available and for a good reason. Not only can you know whether mold is present in your home or not, but it can tell you whether the mold you find is toxic or not.

The test is validated in an AIHA-accredited and an EPA-licensed laboratory and the results are ready in your home in 5 minutes. You don't have to mail anything in or wait for a petri dish to incubate (who wants to grow mold, anyway?) to get your results. It's fast, it's simple, and best of all, it's accurate. This is our test of choice.

MolDetect 3 Sample Mold Test Kit

MolDetect Mold Test Kit

The MOlDetect test comes with enough material to test 3 separate locations in your home via the tape lift surface sample method. You'll have to send it in to get the test results (usually available within a few days after they receive it). The lab analysis is included in the cost of the kit and when the results come in, they can e-mail them to you in addition to snail-mailing you back a written copy.

Pro-Lab Mold Test Kit

Pro-Lab Mold Test Kit

One of the reasons the Pro-Lab Mold Test Kit ranks at the top of many mold testing kit lists, it offers consumers several different testing methods for gathering samples. Although there is an extra fee associated with returning the samples to the mycology lab, these mold biologists are the tops in their field and specialize in studying fungi.

The credentials of the lab are exceptional and the capabilities of the testing kit impressive. The kit is simple to use, basically prepare a petri dish by pouring growth hormone in the container and allow to sit. Once hardened, you have three ways to collect your mold sample. The easiest was to leave the dish on a flat surface one hour, seal, wait two days, and mail to the lab. The Pro-Lab company offers consumers a wide array of support options for those who have questions or concerns with the testing.

IAQ Pro 5-Minute Home Mold Test Kit

IAQ Mold Test Kit

While the IAQ Pro 5-Minute Home Mold Test is more expensive than the top rated kits on the market, the reason you are paying a premium is because you get the results of the mold test within ten minutes. This kit does not require an incubation period or for you to mail back the kit to a laboratory for analysis.

Homeowners will be able to tell if they have dangerous black mold growing in their home within minutes. If you would like further analysis, the kit does have instructions for mailing to a lab for a full mycology report. The black mold test kit is simple to use, wiping the swab over an area of dust in the home, put the cap on, place five drops in a collection tray, read the indicators to see if mold is present.

If mold is detected, you can take the appropriate actions or request a more detailed analysis for a lab fee. Customer support is available via e-mail or phone support, the website also has several tutorials for preparing the kit.

Mold Check Whole House Mold Test Kit

Mold Check Mold Test Kit

While this black mold testing kit isn't the most expensive on the list, you get a great, comprehensive testing process with the Mold Check Whole House Mold Test kit.

Now, you have the ability to utilize ten different tests to check for black mold in your home or office. The ability to sample-test several areas of the home will give you the best opportunity to detect mold hiding behind walls, in air ducts, or under flooring.

The testing kits are extremely easy to operate, simply open the testing sheet and leave in one room for one hour. Once the hour has passed, spread growth hormone on the sheet, fold cover over liquid, set aside for four days. The sheets will reveal the growth of mold if it is present in the home. While the presence of mold on the sheet provides you the answer of potential mold in the home, you want to send the sheets to the lab to determine the severity of the black mold. With your lab fee you get lightning fast turnaround times and stellar customer service.

They offer telephone and e-mail support, as well as FAQs and instructional videos on their website.

If you think that your home may have black mold present, it is vital you identify these toxic invaders so that you can remedy the problem as quickly as possible. These black mold kits will provide you an excellent resource in your battle against these dangerous home invaders.