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So you left the window open at home and it rained and now you have a drenched carpet. That wasn't the worst of your troubles, however. After getting up all the moisture, you've discovered that there's mold on your carpet. A quick cleanup should have been enough to take care of it, but it's back. So you pull back your carpet and see that there is damage now done to the matting of the carpet, padding, and actual floor, which is covered in mold.

Water damage to the floor can be problematic. Imagine walking around in your home one day, only to have the floor collapse underneath you. And the cause would simply be the mold that was left in the floor. Now imagine if that happened to any of your family members. This is not simply a matter of a creaky floor board. This is flat out damage.

Needless to say, cleaning this up will not be the solution. It's time to call in a water damage expert and have it handled professionally. You may be hesitant to do so, because water damage repairs are expensive, right? You are absolutely right. Water damage repairs are very expensive…if you do not have homeowner's insurance. If you have homeowner's insurance, on the other hand, then there is a good chance that you are covered for water damage. You need to look through your homeowner's insurance policy and see whether or not water damage is part of your coverage, and then you need to make sure that what caused your water damage is specifically covered. If you are covered then you need to call in a cleanup and repair expert.

You need to keep in mind that a water damage expert is not a plumber. Your problem will not be fixed within an hour, or even a day. It will take time because structural damage done to a floor is serious and needs to be taken care of thoroughly. This may mean having to stay somewhere else while the repairs are being made. This, however, is a worthwhile trade off to losing your whole floor, or even worse having your floor give out on you while you are standing on it. A water damage expert will ensure that your home is back to standard and above all safe.

  • Tiffany Ellis

    Tiffany Ellis is a writer for Damage Control 911 and has been in the water damage and mold remediation industry since 2007.

  • Jim Corkern

    Jim is a water damage and structural drying technician. He's been in the water damage restoration industry for 15 years.

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