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HEPA Air Purifiers Guide

There are many types of air purifiers and environmental cleaners among the cleaning world. It can be difficult and intimidating when you’re given so many choices, especially if you don’t know much about them.

Thankfully, there are special informative guides that can make choosing and understanding a bit easier, and we’re here to talk about HEPA air purifiers and HEPA air filters.

HEPA air purifiers are one of the more complex air filters among the market today. They are considered one of the best and most useful ones and can come in many sizes.

These purifiers can range anywhere from cleaning the air in one room up to an entire household, depending on the square feet of the areas. The purifiers and filters can be on more of the expensive side of the spectrum, but it can help with your quality of life.

What is a HEPA air purifier?

Originally made in the 1940s and used in the Manhattan Project to prevent the spread of airborne radioactive particles, the use of these filters became more commercial later on.

They are used every day in professional spaces like airplanes, vehicles, hospitals, and even nuclear plants. Even vacuum cleaners employ the use of HEPA filters to assist with cleaning the air.

HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air. These air purifiers force the air in the environment through tightly, randomly-woven mesh filters usually composed of fiberglass.

They trap all sorts of pollutants and allergens including tobacco smoke, dust mites, mold, and pollen. HEPA air purifiers are especially helpful in taking all these things from the air compared to other filters, so it is ideal for those who have allergies, mold sensitivities, or asthma.

While most air filters do have HEPA filters in them, there are many that only accept HEPA filters. This is just one type of air purifier, however.

There are also others that take different types of filters, but HEPA air purifiers will do everything that you need it to do if you want to purify your air. When looking for replacement filters, make sure that you look for the HEPA name in the brands you find.

How To Clean A HEPA Filter

Cleaning your HEPA filter is a crucial part of keeping it lasting as long as it should. These filters should last for years, so make sure that you know exactly how to do it. Be sure to read the manual, otherwise you could ruin it instead of cleaning it!

Why Are HEPA Filters So Expensive?

It’s no mystery that some HEPA filters can be expensive. Fortunately, they will save you a lot of money and trouble in the long run. If you want quality air to breathe in your home, the price is small compared to the longevity of the filters!

Do HEPA Filters Work On Smoke?

Smoking is a pretty bad habit. Not only is the smoke poisonous, but it can also leave a gross smell and color on many of your clothes or furniture. HEPA filters can help with the smell and chemicals in smoke, though.

Do HEPA Filters Work For Pet Allergies?

Many people have four-legged friends. There are quite a few of us that have allergies when it comes to pets, though. Whether it’s the fur or dander, you might become affected by these allergies. Thankfully, a HEPA filter can pull these bits of dander from the air to make it better.

Do HEPA Filters Remove Dust Mites?

We all have tiny critters in our beds and around our homes. There’s no use in denying it: dust mites are around you. Some of us have allergies when it comes to dust mites. Thankfully, HEPA air purifiers can get these little creatures out of your air and give you better breathing.

Do HEPA Filters Remove Mold Spores?

We know all about mold. It’s a dangerous fungus that can cause severe allergic reactions in people. Some of us don’t have mold allergies, but it can still affect us in different ways. HEPA air filters can help with these mold spores.

How Are HEPA Filters Rated?

All air filters are based on a rating scale of efficiency. This is called the MERV rating system. There are multiple things that an air filter can do, so see how HEPA air filters are rated on the MERV system!

How Often Do You Change A HEPA Filter?

Changing a filter is sometimes necessary when it comes to keeping your air clean. Fortunately, HEPA filters don’t need to be changed that often! They do need to be cleaned, but they should last quite a few years if you keep up the maintenance and cleaning on it.

What Is A Permanent HEPA Filter?

When it comes to HEPA air filters, there are two main types: washable and permanent. These different air filters have varying lengths of longevity, but the permanent filters will last nearly a lifetime if they’re taken care of!

Is A HEPA Filter Best For Allergies?

Millions of people suffer from allergies throughout the year. From pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and more, these airborne microbes can cause our allergies to go crazy. These particles can be taken and trapped by HEPA air filters, creating a comfortable and easy breathing environment.

HEPA Filter vs Carbon Filter

There are many different air filters on the market, but two of the most similar ones are carbon and HEPA filters. Some air purifiers employ both of these types of filters, but if you need to go with one or the other, here is what they do!

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