The Moldy Blues

Water Damage
Water damage in the home is serious business. A spill on the carpet is one thing that is easily remedied and taken care of by a homeowner, but more serious…

Home Water Damage Hot Spots

Water Damage
Water damage in the home is something that people usually think occurs when there is bad weather, but the fact is that the culprit can sometimes be right in the…

Floor Structure Damage

Water Damage
So you left the window open at home and it rained and now you have a drenched carpet. That wasn't the worst of your troubles, however. After getting up all…

Water Damage In The Kitchen

Water Damage
Water damage in the kitchen is something that a lot of people don't really think about. But the fact is that the kitchen is one of the most susceptible places…

Furniture Water Damage

Water Damage
Have you ever spilled a glass of water on your favorite couch or had a leaky pipe ruin your coffee table? If so, you've experienced furniture water damage – a…

Where To Buy Black Mold Test Kits For Home Use


The simplest form of life on our planet is mold, and it responsible for decomposing decaying matter while returning vital nutrients back to the ecosystem. But as much good as mold does for the planet, it can lead to significant diseases in both animals and humans.

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