A wet carpet can serve as a veritable hot bed of water damage and mold growth. If your carpet has been soaked with water, be it from a plumbing mishap or due to nasty weather, You could literally be walking on a hazard waiting to happen. Not only does the presence of mold in your carpet pose a structural risk to the floor beneath the carpet, it can be extremely hazardous to your health and the health of anybody in your home. This is because of the presence of mold spores in the air.


The first step that needs to be taken is cleanup. Any excess water that is still on the carpet is to be cleaned thoroughly. Applying dry towels to soak up the excess moisture is imperative and must be done quickly. This will make the remainder of the cleaning process easier. It is also strongly recommended that fans and blow dryers be used as they can actually speed up the drying process.


The next step is to completely remove the carpet in order to gauge whether or not the water has soaked all the way through to the wood flooring. If it has then there needs to be a strong effort to clean up the water in a timely manner. Excess water left on the wooden flooring can result in mold and structural damage which can not only be quite expensive to repair, it can be extremely dangerous if left unchecked. Once the excess moisture has been wiped away from the wooden flooring it needs to be tested for mold.

It needs to be said that one of the best methods that can be used for drying up excess water is to employ the use of dehumidifiers and fans. This will allow for the moisture to quickly dry up.


After the wet carpet has been removed and dried it should be cleaned thoroughly by a carpet shampooer and treated with mold eliminating treatments. Allowing it to dry will cause any particles that would normally be difficult to clean to have a dried environment that will make them easier to remove. Afterward the carpet will be steam cleaned in order to remove any linger particles and stains that are still attached to the carpet. Afterward, in order to get the carpet back to completely normal, the carpet goes through a deodorization process. Once it is disinfected and restored back to its original state it can be placed back into the room where it belongs.


At Damage Control 911 we bring a level of professionalism and expertise that serves to guarantee that your carpet is fully restored and water damage free. We will see to it that the carpet is properly dried and that all traces of mold and debris are removed with expert care and precision. We do not simply test for mold with our eyes. We put the carpet through a rigorous testing process in order to remove any and all traces of mold. It is imperative that experts are called in so that it is insured that your carpet is thoroughly cleaned and without damage.