The Moldy Blues

Water damage in the home is serious business. A spill on the carpet is one thing that is easily remedied and taken care of by a homeowner, but more serious forms of damage like having an entire carpet drenched are an entirely different matter. You may have experienced difficult water damage and thought you had been able to take care of it by yourself, but every time you walk on the carpet you thought you saved, you notice a bad smell. That is the smell of mold. And it is in your carpet.


Maybe you thought you were saving yourself some money by not calling in a water damage expert, but the fact is that water damage is very tricky, and you most likely would not have spent any money because homeowner's insurance covers water damage. Fortunately for you, mold falls under the category of water damage, so it may not be too late to call in an expert.

The problem is that mold is a tricky beast, and with as many different kinds of mold as there are, you can have something mild that can be gotten rid of with a thorough cleaning, or you could have something corrosive that you will cause you to have to replace your carpet. But what is key in both cases is making sure that the mold has not made its way to the actual wooden flooring, because then you have a problem that can become something of an ordeal, and you may even need to stay somewhere besides your home for a period of time until the damage is dealt with.

Mold can not only cause serious damage to your floor and home, but it can be a serious threat to you and your family's health. Mold puts out spores in order to spread, and those spores get in the air and can enter your lungs as you breath, and then the mold will try to take up residence in your body and cause some serious harm. In other words, you need to take care of the problem as quickly as possible and not try to shrug it off until the damage is visible. Call in an expert before things get worse.