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Complete Buyers Guide to Ozone Generators

Read This Guide Before Scrolling Down To The Ozone Generators!

Unfortunately, no one is safe from odors or allergens in their homes. They can be caused from anything—moisture, mold, pollen, pets, smoke… the list goes on! There are tons of odor-causing bacteria out there. Moisture makes it all worse and mold can cause a permanent stench in your home until you get rid of it.

There are many professional cleaning and remedial services like us out there, but one of the more common solutions is an ozone generator. While they can be dangerous with improper use, they are very capable of cleaning your air better than most purifiers.

They have been banned in the state of California, but with the right information and know-how, you can make the perfect environment for you and your family. It’s how we remove pet odors, fire and smoke smell from damaged homes and much more in our line of work.

As far as our choices below, we work with these in well over 50 homes or commercial building each and every month. We know ozone generators well, but read the entire guide first. There are some basics you need to know and understand before buying and/or using such equipment.

What Is Ozone?

You may have only heard of the ozone through the common phrase “save the ozone”. They’re referring to the ozone layer, of course, which surrounds the earth to protect us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. The ozone itself is a gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O3). While it is beneficial to us high in the atmosphere, it is toxic to people and plants on the ground level.

Ozone is biocidal, which is defined by the Environmental Protection Agency as “a chemical substance or microorganism intended to destroy, deter, render harmless, or exert a controlling effect on any harmful organisms by chemical or biological means”. Ozone kills biological and bacterial contaminants in the air, making it a great air purifier.

It does this by destroying membranes of an organism, rupturing cells and deactivating enzymes. This is what makes it toxic to animals, humans, and plants. However, this also means that it destroys air pollutants and even purifies water. It is cost-effective and easy to use, but there are reasons you can’t be in the same room as an ozone generator.

Fortunately, ozone breaks down naturally and quickly into safe, breathable oxygen. There are multiple steps in order to use an ozone generator, but you have to keep in mind that you can’t be in the same room. If you use the generator in the correct manner, it can get rid of any odor or allergen in any room. On the other hand, there are plenty of air purifiers that work well, too.

What Is An Ozone Generator?

An ozone generator does exactly what the name says—it generates ozone. It is considered an air purifier, but many suggest against using it. However, as said above, using it correctly will yield some of the best results that you can get. They will destroy all of the odor-causing bacteria that may be floating in your environment, including smoke and mold.

Remember, however, that ozone is toxic to humans in its ozone form. It has to break down before you can be in an environment that has been treated with ozone. Never stay in a room with an ozone generator! Ozone can irritate your lungs, make you nauseous, and can worsen asthma in those that have it. It is also harmful to pets, so be sure to keep them in mind.

Do Ozone Generators Work on Cigarette or Weed Smoke?

Both cigarette and marijuana smoke can be hard to get rid of via other air purification methods, but ozone generators work on it very well. Whether you’re wanting to clean the smell out of a vehicle or out of a room in a home or business, ozone generators are one of the only things capable of completely removing it.

Health Benefits of Ozone Generators

The health benefits that come from the usage of ozone generators are pretty indirect because the inhalation of ozone at the concentrations that ozone generators produce can be deadly to all living things.

But, that also means that it’s deadly to exactly that: all living things.

If you’re wanting to get rid of roaches, ants, mites, bed bugs, fleas, mice, or other creepy crawlies in your house, an ozone generator just might do the trick. All of these things carry disease, so if you’re wanting to get rid of them the easy way, this should definitely do it.

They’re also capable of killing mold in your home, although any dead mold still must be removed because it can still trigger allergic reactions if it isn’t.

Ozone Generator Safety Precautions

First of all, you must choose whether or not you will get one that can treat one room or an entire house. Smaller ones can only clean one room at a time, of course.

How Long To Run An Ozone Generator

If you do the entire house, you MUST stay somewhere else, because it isn’t safe to live in the same place where you’re running the generator. It can quite literally kill you. Ozone needs about 5-10 hours to fully treat a room from odor, but if mold and mildew may need a longer period—upward to 24-30 hours a room.

Putting the generator in a centralized area is a good idea, and using a fan and dehumidifier if it’s humid in the room. Damp airspace can cause ozone to break down faster than intended and won’t do very much in the sense of purifying the air. Oscillating fans will help move the ozone around to further its reach.

How To Turn Off An Ozone Generator Safely

After the time has passed, there are multiple ways you can shut it off. Getting ozone on your skin is fine, since your lungs are what suffer from ozone. Holding your breath is fine to shut it off. However, if you’re not comfortable with doing that, you can always have an extension cord ready or get an ozone generator with a timer.

After shutting it off, vacate the area for another hour to let the ozone break down. The oxygen molecules will break down to breathable ones relatively quickly. When that time has passed, the odor or mold spores should be gone from the air, giving you a fresh new breathing space.

Other Uses

As said above, ozone is not only used to purify homes from odors and mold. It is often used to purify water easily, since it almost instantly breaks down into oxygen because of the water. Generators can also be used to get odors out of cars and car seats. They work the same way, simply power it up in the middle of a car and let it go for about 3 hours.

Ozone generators can also be used in a refrigerator, though you may need to get a special one to run inside by itself. It cleans the food and air inside the refrigerator, going as far as destroying odors and bacteria that may make your food decompose. It ultimately extends food life while purifying the air of your refrigerator.

Ozone Generators For Hunting

If you go hunting, ozone generators can also be useful for removing odors from your hunting attire, gear, and even the vehicle you go hunting in. If you want to use it for your clothing and gear, you’ll need a separate space that you can use for the ozone generator to operate in that you won’t enter. This shouldn’t be attached to your living quarters, such as a closet, because the ozone can seep out and cause harm to those in your house.

Which Ozone Generators Are The Best?

A lot of ozone generators come in lots of shapes and sizes, so it’s somewhat difficult to say which one is the best. The best method of narrowing items down is customer reviews. Many people have bought them from places like Amazon and we have weeded out the bad ones for you. Some of them have more plates than others and some even have multiple filtering processes.

The plates are used to split the oxygen molecules to create ozone, so multiple plates will create ozone faster at a larger rate, but it doesn’t make a very big difference. It might even prove to be a hindrance to have more plates, considering they need to be replaced after 2-3 years. Now onto what you likely came here for in the first place.

Here are the best ozone generators on the market today.

OdorStop Professional Grade Ozone Generator

If you really want to get the odors out of your home or office, consider this professional-grade ozone generator. This three-plate generator can cover up to 3,500 square feet, has an aluminum body, and has ultraviolet light. It also comes with a 12-hour timer and has a constant-production format. The viable ozone output is 150 to 1400mg/hr.

This is the sort of ozone generator that can clean homes, apartments, and even hotel suites. It is used by a few professional cleaning services and can get the job done better than most. It is a lightweight model at 9 pounds and the UV light will sanitize the room even more. With tremendously high rated reviews, customers say this is one of the best on the market.

Green Air Classic Ozone Generator

Green Air purifiers are well-known for being top-quality when it comes to their machines. This ozone generator is combined with a carbon filter, adding to further purify and clean your air. It is one of the highest ozone outputs for a single plate unit at 360mg/hr and can cover up to 3500 square feet. It will sanitize pollution with the best of them.

It is easy to use with a simple interface and comes with a 2-year warranty for any malfunctions. It has a timer to allow you to set it from 2-10 hours. You don’t have to go back into the room to shut it off when it needs to stop. It is somewhat weighty, coming in at 16.2 pounds, but it gets the job done.

Clevr Commercial and Home Ozone Generator

Being another heavy-duty ozone generator, this machine comes with two plates rather than one. It produces much heavier more quickly than the previous models. The plates are washable, being made of ceramic. It covers 3800 square feet and measures in at 12 x 9 x 8 inches with varying speeds from quiet to powerful.

It has low energy consumption and is easy to set up and clean. It has a modern, solid-wood casing to look nice in any sort of environment. It has two stages of purification and allows easy removal of the plates to clean them. It weighs about 13 pounds.

Ozone Power OP5000 Commercial Air Ozone Generator

Being one of the most-reviewed items in the market, Ozone Power brings us a powerful, yet compact ozone generator. It is one of the most powerful ones on the market that produces 5000+ mg/hour for a single-plate generator. It uses a special hex plate that expands the power of the ozone production, which is why it puts out so much.

It is easy to set up and ready to use right out of the box. All it has is a knob, making it an extremely easy interface to use and clean your rooms. It has a 5 year warranty for any malfunctions with optimal customer service. It only weighs 5 pounds and comes in at 9 x 9 x 7 inches.

Green Air Purifiers Deluxe Ozone Generator

While this may be a second listing for Green Air, it just shows how much they know about air purifying. This machine comes not only with a 3 plate ozone generator, but it also has the option of using a HEPA and carbon filter as well. It covers up to 3500 square feet in home or other area with two timers. You can use any of the filters separately from the ozone generator.

It comes with a special remote that you can use to turn on or off the ozone generator or other functions. This easy-to-use interface will make it to where you can easily program the timers, but be sure that you don’t accidentally turn on the ozone generator when still in the room!

Breathe Fresh 5-in-1 Air Purifier

While not the strongest ozone generating machine, this air purifier comes with five different ways to sanitize your air. It covers about 3500 square feet and can produce 180 mg/hr of ozone. It can also be used as an ionizer odor reducer, PCO filtration cleaning, carbon filter, and UV light sanitizer. It comes with a remote to assist with operation and a large LED screen for easier sight.

It is a 17 x 7 x 6 inch box that weighs at around 12 pounds. With great reviews and high ratings, this stylish air purifier can measure up to the best. While it’s usually best for only one room, it will still do its job and take the odors or mold out of the air.


Ozone generators are a great way to purify the air and to remove odors that may seem impossible to get out. While they are a great tool to shock your home or office, it can be very dangerous if you breathe it in. Ozone can cause quite a few breathing problems, considering it irritates your lungs. No one should be in the room when an ozone generator is on, including pets.

If you’ve ever felt like you couldn’t get rid of a smell, the ozone generator is the perfect tool for you. Running it over the course of a few hours can get rid of any odor or mold that may be in the air. Granted, there are other air purifiers out there, but nothing is quite as strong as an ozone treatment. Don’t be afraid to turn it on; just remember to vacate the area. It can be used in the car, too.

While they may be banned in California, they can still be purchased and shipped elsewhere. There are many different types and sizes, so be sure to read up about them and make an educated decision. A smaller ozone generator can be used room-to-room, or a bigger one for an entire-house sort of treatment. Remember to read the user and safety manuals!

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