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How to Remove Mold From Clothes

If you’ve had a mold problem in your home, you’ll likely have to get the mold out of clothes. The spores can get into the threads of your clothes and will eventually spread through them if not taken care of. This article will tell you how to get the mold out of your clothes. If the mold stays in the clothes, the mold will ruin the clothes. Fortunately, you can wash black mold out of clothes and we will tell you how.

Mold can be a very trying thing to experience. Many people have gone through it, so you’re not alone. Mold is a multicellular fungus that spreads rather quickly if it is warm and moist. Water damage usually leads to mold if you’re not adamant about taking care of it. However, even humidity and low ventilation can cause mold, which can then get into your clothes and cause a lot of health issues.

Does mold get into clothes?

Because mold produces spores and mycotoxins, they will be floating through the air if you have it in your home. This type of mold can make you sick. Clothes are often moist because of the washer, and if you don’t have a good dryer, you could be seeing mold or mildew grow in the fibers. However, that’s just one way. Mold can get into your clothes just from hanging in your closet if you have it elsewhere in your home.

Clothing is very absorbent. If left alone for a long time, like in a closet or in drawers, you could have a mold problem on your hands if mold is elsewhere. Mold will likely not start in your clothing unless you do not try them enough. Leaving wet clothing in an unventilated, warm area will certainly result in mold growth over time.

This is especially true if you leave clothes in a hamper or basket. This is one of the main reasons to stay on top of laundry. Not only might those clothes be moist from a day’s work, but the bacteria will be very vibrant regardless. This is a perfect environment for mold to grow. It will not only stink with possible body odor bacteria, but the fungus feasts on organisms like these and will result in spreading spores.

Don’t Leave Your Clothes Out

Clothing is on your body for most of the day. As such, they will absorb your sweat, oil, and even your dead skin cells. This is a prime area for mold to grow, especially if left in a warm or unventilated area. However, that’s not the only thing. If you leave your clothes in a washer for too long, they can also gather mold and microbes, even after washing.

It only takes a few days for dangerous microbes to begin growing. If they’re in the hamper or in a dirty pile, then it only amplifies it. Never leave clothes around your room or in baskets for too long or mold will most certainly grow. This can lead to worse things like actually spreading into your floors or along your walls.

How do you get mold out of clothes?

The main thing that comes to mind when you think of mold and clothes might be “stains” or “smell”. Both of these things can be the result of a mold infestation or otherwise. Mold will certainly stain your clothes even if you get the mold out, but some spores may still linger. It could discolor your clothes and leave you with ugly blanches on them.

There are a few things that you can use when it comes to getting rid of mold in your clothes. If you’ve already got some in your threads, you may need to employ these things. Each manner is different, but effective. Keep in mind that colors and whites must be washed separately regardless, otherwise the colors will bleed into the whites.

There are a few substances that are good at removing mold:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Borax
  • Bleach (for white clothes)
  • Special mold-removing detergents

These things have a good rate of killing mold, but they must be used in moderation. Each one has its own way of being used, but most of them can be mixed with your regular detergent.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

These substances have been used for hundreds of years. Mostly used in cooking, baking soda and vinegar can also be used for cleaning. If you have a stain or some smell that just won’t come off, baking soda and vinegar are the perfect combination to get rid of these things. This includes mold, especially since vinegar has a high rate of killing it.

After the machine is fully filled with water, mixing in one or two cups of water along with about half a tablespoon of baking soda. The next step is turning the washer back on and letting the clothes go through their wash like normal. After the wash, they should be as good as new. Put them in the drier and make sure they dry completely.


This can be a bit trickier, considering borax is somewhat difficult to dissolve down. As such, you should dissolve the borax into a separate glass of warm water. Run the water as per usual and have the washing machine fill up with water. After that, just pour the borax-mixed water into the washing machine along with your detergent. Run it as per usual and you’ll find your clothes as good as new.


It’s a normal thing to put in the wash with white clothes, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. Bleach kills almost anything it touches when it comes to bacteria and microbes like mold spores. This is only good for white clothes, of course, so keep that in mind. You can’t bleach colors or it’ll remove the color from them!

Special Mold Detergents

There are brands on the market that are specifically used when it comes to mold in your clothing. They’re somewhat expensive, but it will kill the mold. There are specific ones that work on both whites and colors, so be sure to follow the labels on the detergent that you plan to use. Running the loads as usual is the best line of action.

Closing Thoughts

Whenever you leave your clothes around in hampers, baskets, or piles on the floor, you’re leaving perfect areas for mold to grow. This is especially true in your bathroom. Even leaving them wet in the washing machine or drier can cause mold to grow. It’s never a good idea to leave your clothes for more than a few days, even if you’re really busy. Always completely finish your laundry instead of leaving them. Make a schedule for doing it if you need to!

There are ways to get mold out of your clothes, though. Whether it’s through mold-killing detergents, bleach, borax, or simply baking soda or vinegar, there’s an answer for everyone. Mold can still stain your clothes even if you wash it with regular detergent, so you may have to run it through the washer a few times. If you leave clothes to mold, it could spread to floors and walls eventually!

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