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How Much Does An HVAC System Cost?

There are some things that a homeowner must keep in good condition if they want to maintain or increase the value of their home. You need to keep the roof in good repair and make sure there are no issues with your foundation. These two things alone can decrease the value of your home so easily. Another crucial item to have is a HVAC system that works well.

Anyone that is looking to buy a home these days knows that when any of of these things need repair, it's going to mean spending big bucks right from the start. That's why if you own your home, you want to make sure these things are in good repair while you live there for one, and in case you ever want to sell your home for another thing.

Why You Should Replace Your Old HVAC

If your house has an old worn out HVAC system or doesn't have one at all, then one of the best things you can do to increase the value of your home is to buy a new one. It's going to cost a pretty penny, so you may end up having to finance one like many people do.

How Much Does A New HVAC System Cost?

How much you will have to spend on a HVAC system will depend on several factors. First of all is how big or small your home is. Another factor can be the climate where you live. If it's cold much of the year, then you will need more heating power. If it's hot much of the year, you will need more cooling power.

Most good quality, brand name HVAC systems can cost between $6000 and $12,000, depending on the size HVAC unit you need and what type you buy. This cost will likely include a heating furnace, a central air conditioning unit, duct work, thermostat and installation. If you already have duct work in place from an older unit and are only purchasing a new HVAC system, then you could save a little money there. If your old duct work needs to be removed, that can be an additional cost of $500 to $3000 to have it taken out.

Heat Source Can Change Your HVAC System's Cost

Another place where the cost can vary will depend on if the heating furnace uses gas, is electric or uses oil. An electric furnace installation is usually cheaper at around $1500 to $2000. For a gas furnace or oil burning furnace the cost can be as much as $4000 to $6000. These are the costs of the heating furnace and it's installation alone. The air conditioning, duct work, thermostat and other installation is added to these figures.

More HVAC System Cost Variables

When it comes to figuring out exactly how much you will have to spend to meet your heating and cooling needs, it is usually a smart idea to have someone help you that knows the business. They will take into consideration specific things like how well your home is insulated, if you have leaky windows and doors, the climate where you live and of course the square footage of your home. These are the variables that can differ from house to house.

It is thought that the BTUs you will need from a HVAC unit should be between 30 and 60 for a home between 2000 sq ft and 2500 sq ft, once again, taking other variables into consideration. As most professional HVAC installers will tell you, it is better to have too many BTUs available for heating and cooling as opposed to not having enough.

Your HVAC's Warranty Can Also Affect Cost

Another thing to consider when you are deciding which HVAC system to buy is the warranty. This is an investment that you want to last for many years to come and the warranty does matter. Most units have a 5 year warranty and can have as much as 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger. Since any part of the unit that goes bad could cost a lot to repair or replace, you want to know you are covered through the warranty for as long as possible. Your warranty must also be registered as soon as the system is installed for it to be in effect.

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