Getting Water Damage From Your Carpet On a Small Scale

Notice: If you have a whole room of carpet wet, call us. This is a job for the pro's with special equipment and training and is much too large to DIY the project.


Carpets appear to magnets for moisture that has no business being there. It doesn't matter if you spilled a drink or were carrying a bucket of mop water, if water finds its way to your carpet, you may think that just putting a towel over it is enough soak it up and take care of the problem, but the fact is even a miniscule amount of moisture can become a breeding ground for mold. And mold is not good for you or anyone else that is in your house. Here are some methods you can use to take care of the water in your carpet before you have to call in the big guns.


First of all, you had the right idea about using a towel to soak up the moisture, but that's just step one. Getting the brunt of the moisture out of the carpet isn't the hard part. Getting that last bit of dampness out is the key step you need to worry about. For this, you need to be able to gauge just how much moisture is left. For this, take a few paper towels and layer them and then place them on top of the are where the last bit of moisture remains. Soak up as much of it as you can. You'll be able to tell how much more you pull out because of the fact that the paper towels are more absorbent, and it is easier to see how much water is being soaked up.


From there it may seem like you have as much out of the floor as you can get, but there are two things you can do now. If the spill happened in a room and not out in the open of your home, you can use a dehumidifier to try and get it out. Another thing that is helpful to use is a heat gun or even a simple hairdryer. Either of these will go a long way towards getting rid of the remaining moisture, and keeping nasty mold out of your home, and even helping you save your carpet.