A fire is one of the most devastating things that a homeowner can go through. One of the most arduous tasks that comes with dealing with the aftermath of a fire is cleanup. Here are the steps and measures that you need to take in order to insure that all of the fire, smoke, and soot damage is cleaned and taken care of properly.

Call the Pros

The most important thing that needs to be done is calling in the professionals. While it is understandable that you would want to handle the clean up of your belongings by yourself, you could actually end up doing more damage that way. By calling in professionals you are ensuring that the damage you have had happen to your house and belongings is kept at a minimum and more importantly you are ensuring that it is still possible to salvage them.

A professional knows how to handle your belongings with the proper care. They also possess the proper tools to be able to properly clean and restore the damaged items of any soot and smoke damage that may have accumulated.

It is also important to bring in our professionals because it will save you money in the long run. Instead of worrying about the trial and error that would come with taking on such a job by yourself, our seasoned experts will comb every inch of your home for damage and will take care of it in a timely and effective manner. This will eliminate any and all guess work and will have your home back to normal in no time.


Cleaning up after a fire requires special care. Our experts are trained to remove any and all debris from your home. Removing the debris is the first, and arguably most important, step to getting your home back in order. This is because it clears away space for our professionals to work, and it gives them an opportunity to sort through the damaged and non damaged items.

Taking Care of Your Home

Your belongings are obviously not the only thing that need to be cleaned following a fire. Your home will have to be completely cleaned up, with the first part of the process being the removal of debris. Clearing out all of the debris will not only give our professional cleaners more room to do their work, it will also prevent any additional soot from scattering in your home and making the mess worse.

If this was a kitchen fire then special care must be taken since this is where all the food in your home is stored and cooked. All surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned, sterilized, and replaced if need be. It is especially important that soot be removed with special care. Every inch of your kitchen will be back to normal.


One of the most overlooked aspects of cleaning a home from fire damage is deodorizing. Deodorizing is a step that must happen in order for your house to smell like a home again. By removing the smoke damage and soot from the walls it will be easier to remove the abrasive odors. After this is done the home will be treated with deodorizing agents which will eliminate the smells.


After the initial surface clean up is finished the disinfection process can begin. The disinfection process generally involves using chemical cleaning agents along with a dry mist that is emitted through a fogging machine. This fog features a disinfectant which is over 99% effective at killing any viruses, bacteria, mold, or spores that may still be lingering in your home. Best of all, it is normally safe to re-enter the home after several hours once the treatment is finished, meaning that your home is inhabitable even faster.