All About Mold Remediation And Removal

Everything You Need to Know About Removing Mold

Mold is a scary thing when you come into contact with it. We go over the many ways to get rid of mold, including how to remove mold from the attic, remove mold from the walls, and more. Mold can make you sick, especially if it is black mold. There are also ways that mold can make your pets sick, too. The thing is, mold can be removed. It is simply a fungus that spreads over things to assist in the decay of organic things.

When it gets in our lungs, it can cause illness and respiratory problems. Many people have gone through ordeals with mold, so you aren’t alone. This set of articles will tell you everything you need to know about this fungus. You will learn how to look for mold, how mold affects your health, mold tests, common prices of mold remediation, and more. If you have a mold problem, don’t panic.

From personal experiences to places to turn to, we know mold. Removing it can be difficult to remove, but it is only a matter of diligence, keeping your home clean, and keeping the moisture out. Mold only grows where it is optimal for it. That means moisture, warmth, and a surface with organic material. Those things can happen anywhere in the home, even if you don’t have water damage. Humidity is enough! Stay vigilant and you will be able to remove any sort of fungus from your home.

An Experience With Household Mold and Mold Remediation

Many people have gone through mold infestations in their home. These things happen more often that you might think and it can happen to anyone. Sarah is a normal person working a normal job. She is a single mother of two kids and she found that she had black mold in her home. It was a pretty scary experience for her, but she and her kids managed to make it through without too many problems.

Sarah was feeling tired a lot for a while. She found herself exhausted without having done a lot of work. Problems began to arise, like constant headaches and allergy symptoms. She eventually took up a mold test kit and tested her house, only to find that she was in the midst of a mold infestation. There was no water damage—Sarah only lived in a humid area. This was enough to get one of the worst molds to grow in her home.

Through an inspection, mold remediation, and detoxing, Sarah was back to normal in a matter of a few months. Mold doesn’t have to control your life and you can find many ways to remove it through her story or from the following articles. It’s nothing to be afraid of and can be removed in a matter of days. You may need to get a professional’s assistance, but you can survive as much as anyone!

Can Mold Make You Sick?

When dealing with mold, you might find that there are a few things that happen to you. You might find that you become a bit more exhausted through the day. Headaches are very common, to the point of lasting through the whole day as well. It can be worrying, especially if you have allergy problems. It can leave you with allergy problems through the year, including itchy, watery eyes and a runny nose.

With mold, these things can happen through the entire year. Even if you don’t have any mold allergies, you could find yourself suffering from mood and appetite instability. There are also a few things that can happen with your lungs, causing them to become inflamed and possibly infected. Mold isn’t something to mess with, as even touching it can cause skin problems as well. It’s a dangerous fungus and shouldn’t be touched with your bare hands.

Dealing With Black Mold in Your Bathroom

Since mold grows in moist environments, you can be sure that it is a perfect place for mold to grow. Pipes of water, the toilet, sink, and the bathtub are all the things that deal with water. Some people have multiple bathtubs or showers, making even more moisture. Around the edges of the pipes, you could see moisture appear, leaving mold to grow.

Mold can grow anywhere in these walls, especially if you don’t have waterproof or sealed drywall in your bathroom. However, if you have gotten mold, it’s a matter of replacing the drywall. It’s practically impossible to get mold out of porous material and that includes drywall. It’s simply a matter of removing it. However, if you keep your bathroom up to clean standards, you can fix it before it gets ruined.

Does Mold Testing Work?

We’re all about mold, so you should know that we know how to look for it. Testing for mold is a big deal, considering it can tell you if you have mold or not. Usually, these tests have small sanitized capsules or petri dishes that you can set up. These are especially helpful for air quality tests, but scraping mold samples into them is imperative.

The tests usually come with a laboratory test, so you have to send them off to the lab. As for air quality, it’s simply a matter of putting it in the area where you think there is mold. Keeping the petri dish open for a bit and waiting 48-72 hours will give you the results you’re looking for. There is mold everywhere, but only a few species are dangerous to humans. The labs results will tell you if it’s dangerous or not.

How Does Mold Affect Pets?

We all love our companions. Whether furred or feathered, we want to give our pets the best times they can have with us. However, mold can affect them as much as mold affects us as humans. Mold can make them sick. It can even make them sicker than us! Never assume that they’ll be alright around mold. If you think you have mold, your pet is in more danger than you are.

While you might not get sick from mold and mycotoxins, your pet most certainly can. You should always be aware of your pet’s health. If they show any signs of sickness, you should bring them to the vet immediately. They can give you a hint of mold in your home, so make sure you ask the vet if mold might be the reason for your pet’s sickness!

How to Get Mold Out of Your Clothes

Mold can get anywhere—even in your clothes! This is especially true for clothes, considering these materials can get warm and moist pretty easily. That’s right! Your sweat can cause mold growth if you’re not careful. They have multiple times that they can gain mold from different places. One way is leaving them on the floor or basket for a long time. The second way is leaving them wet from the washer.

Even if they’ve been washed with soap and water, they can still be subject to mold growth. All water will deteriorate over time, even if you used soap previously. They will slowly become dirtier and dirtier until the moisture is primed for mold growth. After that, mold will grow in the threads and it can be difficult to get out.

The Treatment for Black Mold

Black mold is a terrible thing to get in your home. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible for it to show up. Black mold is one of the worst molds, considering it produces a lot of mycotoxins in the colonies it grows in. Mycotoxins have been linked to many deaths in extreme cases, so it’s never a good idea to keep around for long.

If you have black mold in your home, you’ll likely want to go through a detox period after getting rid of it. It’s not good to have mycotoxins in your system, so you’ll want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Mold remediation services can get rid of this mold relatively quickly and you shouldn’t play around with it if you have it. Get rid of it as soon as possible!

How to Get Rid of Mold

To sum up everything, it can be hard to get rid of mold by yourself. It can show up in your attic, on your walls, in your floors, and even in your basement. Mold is difficult to destroy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work, but you can do it without the assistance of a mold remediation service if you’ve got carpentry experience.

All in all, hiring a mold remediation service is where you want to go. They will remove the mold and all possible traces that might regrow it. Mold doesn’t stand a chance whenever you get help from professionals. If you do it yourself, there’s a possibility of it coming back. It’s just how fungus works. The smallest spore can cause a world of trouble for you and your family!

Looking for mold can be difficult at times, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Mold has specific signs that you can keep an eye out for. While doing your monthly maintenance to your home, there are things you can watch for to keep yourself free from mold. One of the biggest signs, of course, is water damage. This is pretty easy to spot with discoloration, bowing surfaces, and physical moisture.

However, moisture can also get where you can’t see very easily. Places like the attic, in the bathroom, and more can have damage where you wouldn’t expect. It can get behind counters and between cracks. Sometimes, it won’t show at all. A mold inspector is the best way to go about this area, but if you know you have mold, you can get rid of it yourself.