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Does Rice Fix Water Damage

While many of us used to depend solely on having a telephone in our home to be able to communicate with others, today not many of us even have a home phone. The majority of the people have an individual cell phone that we take everywhere we go. The cell phone has become as much a part of us as the clothes we wear everyday, you don’t leave home without it.

The things that can rankle us so much is when we lose our phone, it gets stolen or it gets damaged or destroyed. We carry around so much of our lives inside it, it is devastating to think we may have lost all of the information that it contains. Our contacts, notes, business details, banking and credit card information can all be lost in an instant.

Water Damage Can Destroy Your Phone

Besides dropping your phone and breaking it so that it doesn’t work anymore, the next most common way to have it destroyed is because of water damage. We can drop it in the bathtub or you or someone else accidentally spills a drink all over it. Once it gets soaked with enough water or other liquid, chances are it can’t be revived. Or can it?

Sometimes a cell phone that gets wet can be revived if it precautions are taken quickly enough and the circuits don’t get fried. If your phone gets wet, one thing to remember is do not try and turn it on. This can be what fries it for good. Remove the battery right away if possible and don’t mash any buttons at all. Most of the time it is advisable to take your phone to a repair person straight away and leave the restoration to them to see if it is possible to fix it.

Some Ways to Dry Out a Cell Phone

One way to try and dry out your cell phone is to simply let it sit for several days and see if the moisture inside evaporates on it’s own. If it has only been wet with a little water, there is a chance this will work. However, it your phone has been wet by soda or juice, then it is an entirely different matter. The stickiness of those kinds of liquids aren’t going away without a professional cleaning and then it still might be useless.

A lot of people that have soaked their cell phones swear that placing it in a plastic bag of rice and sealing it up will draw the water from the phone. While this is technically true, you could also end up with a phone that has moist rice particles in the ports and other connection holes. If you want to try this method, then wrapping the phone loosely with a paper towel or other thin dry cloth will prevent the damp rice from clogging up cracks, crevices or other essential entry points.

Desiccant Packets Can Help Dry Your Phone Out

Another option that many people swear by are desiccant packets. These are the small packages that you can find inside things packages of some types of food like dog treats or boxes of spices. You can even sometimes find them in the box of a new pair of shoes. They are added to certain items to help absorb any moisture that might contaminate the product. Saving these little packets up over time can work in the same way rice can. Place a bunch of them in a plastic bag and seal your phone up inside. There’s no messy rice to contend with.

There are also some other products on the market today that can help you dry out a wet cell phone. Bags that you can keep at home or in your care are specially designed to help keep your phone moisture free or dry it after it has become soaked. These bags can be good to have on hand to simply place your phone in periodically to help make sure that things like humidity does not damage your phone slowly over time. They can be a great minor investment, especially when you consider the cost of having to replace your phone.

When you want to protect your phone from any type of damage, you have to always use a little extra caution when you tote it around. We can get a little careless about where we lay it down and that can turn into disaster. You need to remember that you carry a good chunk of your life in that phone and you have to treat it accordingly!

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