One of the most important additional services that we offer is packing out and packing back of the contents of your property. This means that any furniture, appliances, and other contents of your home or business will be safely removed from the premises so they aren't damaged by the restoration process.

Often the damage to your belongings can be very obvious, but sometimes it isn't. Damage caused by moisture, mildew, and corrosion can be a bit more subtle, but can do just as much damage. This can be one of the primary causes of loss when it comes to more valuable belongings, such as antiques and photographs.

We photograph, document, and package all of the contents so nothing is lost and your items can be returned to you safely and placed back where they were.

Your Role In The Process

You will need to sign an authorization form that will allow us to remove the items from the premises and store them for you while your property is being treated. We will also have you sign the packout inventory sheets. A copy of the inventory list will be printed and given to you before anything is moved.

You will also be asked to identify anything on the premises that you immediately require for your personal or business usage. Anything else that you will need to keep, such as medications, valuables, etc, will also need to be sorted by you before we can begin the pack-out process.

We will require your assistance with decisions on what you would like replaced versus what you would like to be restored. This is especially important for any important sentimental items, such as photographs and antiques.

What We Will Do

We will begin the coordination with your insurance claims representatives.

Photographs will be taken so that a record is kept of where all items were before they were taken from your property.

We will sort out any items that will not be packed out and separate them from any items that will not be restored.

Any items that are to be removed will have photographs taken of them to show their condition before they are moved and again when they are returned.

Strict inventory of what we remove from the premises will be taken and will be sure to provide you with a copy of the inventory list before anything is moved.

Furniture and other items will be taken to be cleaned, deodorized, and restored.

Once the restoration process at your property is completed, we will arrange for the return of your belongings. Our team of technicians will review the photographs taken before the pack-out and will place everything back where it was.

Upon the return of all of your items, you will receive another printed copy of your inventory so that you may easily account for everything.