One of the nastiest side effects of water damage is the mold, bacteria, and germs that are left behind. Those things serve as horrendous health hazards that can get anybody in your home that is exposed to them extremely sick. This is why one of the most important things that must be done to a home following water damage is to completely disinfect and sanitize the home. Here are the important measures that must be taken.

Calling in the Experts

It is incredibly important that you call in the experts to get rid of any water damage related problems, especially when the disinfection and sanitizing of your home is involved. This is because an expert knows exactly what measures need to be taken in any given water damage related situation and it will prevent you from stirring up any potential mold spores which can cause serious infections for anybody that is in your home.

In addition to having the proper know-how to handle disinfecting your home, an expert has the proper tools to ensure that the job is done correctly. A water damage expert utilizes industrial grade cleaning treatments that are far more powerful than what is available in most stores. They can utilize their cleaners to the full extent and see to it that any lingering mold and bacteria is obliterated.

Assessing the Damage

The most important step to disinfecting and sanitizing your home is detecting the damage in the first place. This will allow you to know just where your home was affected the most by the damage and will also give you an idea of just how extensive the cleaning must be. Something that may have seemed relatively easy to disinfect and sanitize may turn out to be a much more serious problem to deal with.


The cleanup process is one that needs to be done thoroughly. While cleaning up the surface is absolutely essential it is not the end of the cleanup efforts. The surface only serves as a front to the rest of the infection. In order to get rid of it all the home must be cleaned top to bottom. This means cleaning the baseboards, the carpet, the ceiling, and any furniture that may have been affected as well.


Disinfecting your home is easily the most important part that needs to be done. This is because your home can look as clean as a whistle and still be harboring unspeakably dangerous germs and bacteria. The disinfection process needs to be done while wearing gloves and possibly a respirator in order to ensure that there are no lingering mold spores that could get into the respiratory system.

It is necessary that strong cleaning agents be employed in order to ensure that the bacteria and lingering mold is completely eradicated. More often than not a fogging system will be utilized. A fogging system will fill a room with an EPA-registered dry mist that is capable of killing the vast majority of harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, and spores. In fact, in most cases, a room can be re-entered within hours of the treatment, allowing you to get your home back to normal.