Your carpeting is an expensive investment you've made in your home.  When your carpet is dirty or water damaged, the right cleaning can be all the difference between a pristine home and your restored home looking horrible.

Think of how much space your carpet takes up.  Are you going to trust the beauty of your home, the health of your family, and the safety of your pets to just anyone?  I certainly hope not.

We offer carpet cleaning and restoration beyond the industry standard to give you a service that will leave you thinking we just installed new carpeting while you were away.

Here is a great breakdown of our services, so you know exactly what you're getting and just what those other services are leaving out!


Your first consideration when you bring someone into your home is the safety of your family, your children, and your pets.  Rest assured, we share that same concern, and we adhere to products and policies tailored around the safety of your family.

Our carpet cleaning system is completely residue free, and that includes our pet odor service that removes odors and extracts latent pet urine from below the surface.  This means that your carpets will be in pristine shape, and no chemicals will be left behind that could make your pets or children sick.

This begins with a truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment that utilizes deep, hot water extraction to get all the dirt, grime, and mold out of your carpet and hot steam at 240 degrees to sanitize things.  Super heated water and steam are effective for cleaning, and always safe to use.

So you've chosen a safe cleaning company, but safe cleaning might sound like we sacrifice strength and effectiveness.  That is not the case with our services.  We offer services that bring your carpet back to a like-new condition, even with specialty rugs.

Commitment To Excellence

For wool, Oriental, and Persian style rugs, we offer specialty cleaning that maintains the structure and color of these specialty items.  We know that they require delicate and precise handling, so that's what we give them.

Our experts repair and patch carpet where it's been damaged.  This seamless process negates any tears or damage that have happened to your carpet.

Matching color is no problem.  We will spot treat and dye your carpet where colors have faded or damage has been done.  This means your repairs are not visible.  No one would guess that your carpet had been damaged, then restored.  This includes professional carpet stretching when needed!

Finally, you get your choice of Dupont brand Teflon or 3M Advanced Scotchgard Protection when we're done so that your clean carpet will last you quite a long time.


Your carpet isn't the only thing that can suffer damage.  We also work to get your upholstery and furniture looking like new again.

We offer upholstery cleaning, steam cleaning for your furniture, and a solvent based dry cleaning where it's needed.

This means that you won't have fantastic looking carpet with beat up looking furniture sitting on top of it.  It's part of our commitment to offering a full service.

Maybe you have special furniture.  We know that leather furniture has some unique features to consider when cleaning.  Harsh cleaners and water can actually dry out leather, leaving it brittle and looking worse than before.

Well just like our carpet cleaning, we offer multiple options for your specialty furniture.  We can sanitize your leather furniture along with cleaning the leather and conditioning it to keep it soft and keep it from drying out.

We use a deodorizer on your carpets and upholstery to get out any smells that might linger, and a Microban Sanitizer makes sure that your furniture is as clean as it could be.

Other Fabrics

There are special fabrics and pieces of furniture in your house that require additional considerations and gentle handling.  For fine fabrics in your home, we have a process involving dry solvents (dry cleaning) that is tailored to delicate and fragile textiles.

Your mattress is another large expense that you don't want to take chances with.  We offer mattress cleaning services that focus on removing not just grime or dirt, but removing allergens as well!

Your curtains probably need the same type of handling as other specialty fabrics in your home, and we will make sure they are as pristine as every other fabric we touch.  Our cleaning process preserves the color in your curtains, so they look amazing when they go back up over your windows.

Full Service

We try to be a full service company, offering you everything you need so that you aren't calling several companies to do what one team should be able to accomplish.  This means that we don't stop at your carpets and other fabrics.

Once we have your carpet, furniture, and drapes looking like new, we can move into your kitchen and bathroom to restore, seal, and clean your tile and grout.  Grout is one of the easiest places for mold to collect, and dirty grout can plague home owners.  It's an unbelievable difference when we reveal your gleaming white grout lines.  It will look like someone installed an entirely new bathroom for you.

The outside of your home can be treated with the same care.  We offer pressure washing and exterior steaming services to clean the outside of your home as well.  This means that your brick or siding will get the same professional attention as your carpet and tile.

The same tools that take care of the outside of your home are perfect for cleaning boats, RVs, trucks, and more.  They can also help clean your driveway.  If there's a special project you need taken care of, just set it up with one of our representatives.