Best In Duct UV Air Purifiers

UV Air Purifiers for Air Ducts

When you think about air purifiers, you may not think of ones that you can put in your air ducts at home. There are many UV air purifiers for air ducts and they might not be what you think. UV air duct purifier systems are pretty easy to find, but they can be hard to install. There are many in duct UV air purifiers and there are even UV air duct purifier kits. It just takes a bit of know-how.

Air duct UV air purifiers can be some of the best things to have if you can’t afford a regular air purifier. There are a few tutorials around the Internet, but an in duct UV air purifier can be a bit cheaper than a normal air purifier. The appliances can be bulky and annoying to deal with, too. However, some of the best air purifiers are in duct UV air purifiers. It can be a cheap alternative to the appliances. If you want to know how to use an UV air purifier in your air ducts, keep reading.

What is an in duct UV air purifier?

When you think of an air purifier, whether it’s a UV air purifier or not, you might think of the machines that pull in air and eliminate small airborne particles. While they are a good investment, you can also get a UV air purifier that goes directly into your air ducts. Your air ducts are the large pipe-like constructs that filter air through your home. Enclosed air conditioning units will have vents in your ceiling or in your floor—those are air ducts.

Whenever you get an in-duct air purifier, it is a matter of installing it. This can be a pretty worrying thought to some people, so you can hire a professional to install it for you. It can be pretty easy, though! There are a few things you need to install one, but these will be listed later. Some of the best UV air purifiers are in-duct air purifiers. UV light is a newer technology to sterilize air, but hospitals and clean rooms have been using them for a while.

How to Install an In-Duct UV Air Purifier

To begin with, you have to find one you want to use. Each in-duct UV air purifier is different, so you’ll have to examine your main, central air duct for proper insertion. They will usually require you to cut one or two holes into the side of the air duct to stick in the bulbs. Here are the things you’ll need to put in an in-duct air purifier:

  • Box cutter or knife
  • Template that comes with the in-duct UV air purifier
  • Aluminum tape
  • Adhesive if the in-duct UV air purifier doesn’t come with any
  • The in-duct UV air purifier

First of all, the air flow may vary depending on what type of air unit you have. Normal air conditioners are simply up through the attic or down below in the basement or under a trailer. You must find the main duct before any splits happen and decide where to install the in-duct UV air purifier. Many of these air purifiers have kits, so they can walk you through it step-by-step.

They can also come with templates, so it is relatively easy to cut the area. After that, you simply push the UV light through the hole and attach it however the kit tells you to. Some have adhesive, but some you might have to put aluminum tape on. These are not flammable and the insulation is already flame retardant, so you don’t have much to worry about when it comes to fire hazards. Again, if you’re unsure about any of this, simply call a professional to assist you. It is a relatively easy procedure, so it shouldn’t cost much.

In-Duct UV Air Purifier vs. Standing UV Air Purifier

If you’re trying to decide between these two air purifiers, you must simply go with preference. A regular, standing air purifier can cover a matter of square feet. Some of them can clean up to three rooms, but they have to be really big or really loud. It can be troublesome to find a suitable air purifier to cover more than this without sacrificing something else.

With an in-duct UV air purifier, it is completely silent and can cover your whole home. If you don’t want to deal with noise or having to switch rooms, an in-duct UV air purifier is your best bet. When noise and floor space isn’t an issue for you, you can easily go with a regular standing UV air purifier. Either one is a great choice, so don’t be afraid to choose one over the other! You might want to take a look at what UV air purifiers have to offer.


Some of the best UV air purifiers are in-duct UV air purifiers. They can cover a large home in a matter of moments, since you have to install it into your airflow ducts in your home or business. It is a relatively simple process of locating your main air duct and cutting a hole through it to sit the bulb inside. This can be worrying, so you can easily call a professional to do it for you. Never cut into a duct if you don’t know what you’re doing!

In-duct UV air purifiers can cover a lot more square feet than a standing UV air purifier can. A regular UV air purifier can go from one room to possibly two or three. However, it’s somewhat difficult to go through the entire house without it being extremely loud or big enough to be a bother in your floor space. If you’re unsure of what to get, simply think about your needs. When one or two rooms are good enough for you, you can easily get a free-standing UV air purifier. If you want to save of floor space and cover your whole home, get an in-duct UV air purifier!