Ozone Generators For Hunting: Do They Work?

Hunting is an American pastime and just about every hunter worth his salt knows that odors of any kind can give you away when you’re out in the field. Whether it’s the foot odor in your boots or just normal odor from the day to day wear of your clothes, your prey can smell you for miles.

But, fortunately, there’s a solution that will help vastly reduce the amount of odor that your clothing and gear puts off. While it’s deadly for us to inhale in high concentrations, ozone is also deadly for other living things, including the bacteria that causes odors.

How Do Ozone Generators Work?

Ozone generators work to remove odors from all types of things, from clothing to homes and cars. Whether it’s cigarette smoke, mold, or any other kind of odor, an ozone generator can get rid of it.

Ozone is a gas made up of 3 molecules of oxygen and when the molecules associated with contaminants like the bacteria that cause odors, they become “oxidized” and their chemical makeup changes. After ozone is used, it reverts back to being the O2 that we need to breathe.

Why Do Ozone Generators Work For Hunting?

Plain and simple: it gets rid of the odors on  your clothing and gear and makes you less noticable to whatever animal you’re tracking, whether it’s deer, elk, bear, or whatever it is you’re into hunting.

Do Ozone Generators Work For Hunting?

Ozone generators work great for hunting, as long as you use them correctly. You can get rid of the odor on your clothing all you want, but if the vehicle you’re traveling in on the way to the hunt hasn’t been ozone treated, you’ll take on the odor from the interior. There exist ozone generators that you can plug into your car to do this.

You can also purchase a personal ozone generator that you can store with your gear that will emit ozone while you’re at your stand.

How To Use An Ozone Generator On Your Clothing

Did you know that dry cleaners use ozone to remove odors from clothing? Why pay them to do it when you can do it yourself?

If you want to use a professional ozone generator on your clothing, you want to make sure you do this in an enclosed space where you can run the generator without exposing yourself or your loved ones to high levels of ozone. The levels of ozone produced by a machine that costs less than $100 is enough to put you in the hospital at least and kill you at worst.

The space you run the generator in should be a separate location; this can be an outdoor building you have just for this purpose or a tent enclosure you set up outdoors to do this in.

You can also use something like the Scent Crusher Hard Tote that has a built-in ozone generator. It includes a 12v adapter and a 110v charger so you can treat your clothes on the go.

scent crusher hard tote for hunting

How Else Can I Use Ozone Generators For Hunting?

Ozone generators that plug into cigarette lighters are made for vehicles now, so you can travel to your hunting sites without worrying about your vehicle contaminating your clothing on the way. Large ozone generators aren’t really safe to use around people, but generators that put out small amounts of ozone like these do are fine. You can check out a few of these below.

BoneView Ozone Generator

This is a compact, yet powerful personal ozone generator that you can store with your hunting gear to help eliminate odors. It’s battery powered, portable, and fits in a pocket. The battery is a rechargeable 500mAh lithium ion