Kitchen Water Damage

Water damage in the kitchen is something that a lot of people don’t really think about. But the fact is that the kitchen is one of the most susceptible places in your home for water damage. Your kitchen sink is the specific hot spot in your kitchen for water damage. If the pipes in your kitchen burst, water can get all over the floor, and while a quick mop up can be a big help, if water makes its way to the walls, that could be the building block for mold to spread. While initial mold is relatively easy to clean up, if the mold has gone unnoticed, it has had time to spread, and if the mold has spread then the damage that has been done could be pretty serious.

Mold in the kitchen is a form of water damage that can cause serious health problems if left unchecked. On top of the fact that mold spores can be inhaled, the presence of the mold can lead to your food being exposed to the spores, which can make people very sick. This is why, if you detect mold in your kitchen, you need to call in an expert to inspect your kitchen to determine whether the mold you have found is strictly on a cosmetic level or if it has worked its way into the structure of your home.


If the mold is cosmetic, a quick, thorough cleaning is all you need. If the damage is structural then you’re looking at something that could become expensive. Something that prevents many homeowners from calling in the experts is the misconception that all water damage repairs are expensive. This is why it is important for you to check your homeowner’s insurance policy on water damage so that you can see whether or not any necessary repairs are covered.