Are you searching for a professional crime scene cleanup company in Orlando Florida which is highly rated, well-respected and has a reputation for completing each job with precision and speed? If so then Damage Control 911 is an excellent choice, as we have the expertise to restore your home or other property in a timely and efficient manner. To help you discover what we can offer, let's explore the advantages which we provide in more detail below.


We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to each one of our customers, as we know that trying to rectify the damage from a crime scene can be an unsettling and exhausting experience. Fortunately, we have expertise in all types of jobs, including both blood and biological fluid remediation. We work with law enforcement, property managers or homeowners to resolve a variety of different situations. These include suicide, homicide, other causes of death and decomposition of human remains.

Our team of experts will assess the situation, and bring state-of-the-art equipment, cleaning products and cutting-edge techniques to restore your home or other property. Once finished, the scene will be restored to a habitable state, with all bio-hazardous material safely removed. If you need crime scene cleanup services in the Orlando Florida area, there is truly no one more qualified.


Calling upon a crime scene cleanup company with the proper experience is vital, as this task takes special training to carrying out correctly. This is especially true where human blood or tissue is concerned, as these must be removed by a highly experienced technician to ensure that the environment is once again safe to use. Particulates which are undetected by the naked eye can often adhere to surfaces, especially textured ones like carpet, drapes or upholstered furniture. To remove these requires special instruments and products, which all of our technicians carry with them to every job.

A Trusted Partner.

With more than a decade of experience in this field, you can have confidence in our skills. Our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau shows that our past customers agree, and we carry all of the licenses, certifications and insurance which is required by law. Further, we are certified at both the state and local levels – so you can have peace of mind when we enter your home or property.

All told, when searching for the best crime scene cleanup service in the Orlando Florida area, our company is the clear choice. We have many years of experience, a dedicated team of properly trained technicians and a commitment to quality which is unparalleled in the field. So, why not contact us today, to let us restore your home or property quickly and effectively – so you can return life back to normal?